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Diseñador; a veces reflexiono, flexiono, reflexiono.


Why talk about Design to non-designers? Design is a complex profession that is not yet fully understood by many people; and it is largely our fault for not explaining well. So I launched what could be called SENSIBLE DESIGN. I do not intend to build school, followers, or anything, but I have found that it is a name that sounds good and explains better. So, dear fellow, you are welcome if it fits you, and also well-found if you fully disagree: variety is the spice. And I hope that with this sort of “ warning”, you understand my interest “about design to non-designers”.

Sensible Design is a place that deals Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Logos and signage to make it accessible to non-designers. Sensible Design is also a radio program that airs on Radio5 on Wednesdays and Sundays through National Radio of Spain (RTVE-RNE).

Here´s an example of one broadcast at Radio5:

I have spoken before about obsolete pictograms, and, of all those that no longer truly represent their reality, one is worth some thought: is the access for disabled people, the wheel chair pictogram.

In its classic version, everywhere you look at, the person who is in a wheelchair is in a passive, flat or slightly reclined back-position where, clearly, needs someone to push the chair. Comes from when a person in a wheelchair was inaccessible to public spaces, toilets, cinemas, public transport but today … do I need to make my point? Today a person in a wheelchair is perfectly, and I stress well “perfectly”, able to move around with independence and autonomy … and his pictogram keeps showing him of her as a passive being.

Pictograma de minusválido "clásico" donde la persona está en actitud pasiva

Passive “classic” Pictogram

I designed several years ago this pictogram which at the time I called “active disabled pictogram”, where the person in a wheelchair tilts his body forward and pushes off with his own hands; and since then, wherever I’ve been allowed I have spread the word and attempt to extend its use and to incorporate it the standard signage pictograms. Now from this blog, you can see the design and download it for free (click here icon and you download an editable PDF) and duty free. Because, I understand that may seem a trifle or so to give so much thought about something so subtle; I do not mean that this will change the world, but I think it is a way of representing reality better, and in that sense I try to give visibility to people that have been invisible for so long. If you are reading this, and talking about it, and spreading it… good news.

Mi propuesta: Pictograma de"minusválido activo"

Sometimes we designers are charged with the “imposition” to improve society, a task to which I personally smile. I do not think we have the power to change much, but we have to note the changes in society and bring visibility because it sets an example we can get, and that can be very effective.




Oyer Corazón (Madrid, 1971), works since 1999 in the Alberto Corazón studio as a designer and Project Director, besides being graphic designer he is also

> Board of Directors and founding member of DIMAD [Madrid Designers Association]

> Founding member of the Advisory Board of I+D+ART
> Founding member of GPDM (Deepening Design Management Group)

> Member and Media Partner of the FEED 2010 (International Design Bloggers & Journalists Meeting)

> His graphic design work have been recently exhibited in a solo exhibition in Mexico City and in numerous group exhibitions at the national level.

> He has given lectures and presentations throughout the national territory and has been jury in many different awards and selctions throughout his career.

> Currently directs SENSIBLE DESIGN a microspace on Radio 5 Todo Noticias RNE / RTVE. http://www.disenosensato.com

> He studied Communication Science (Boston University, COMM 93) Creative WritinG (Escuela de Letras, Madrid, 1999), Copywriting, Editorial Design Specialization, and Industrial Design at various international centers. Before designer, worked in journalism and advertising agencies.

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